Considerations for Winter Vehicle Transport

November 12th, 2015

Winter_driving (1)

According to the Winter 2015-2016 outlook, this year’s El Niño is forecasted to become one of the strongest on record. Winter is definitely the hardest time for car haulers since they have to account for highway closures and dangerous driving conditions. Following is some information to help you plan and be prepared for the winter shipping season.

Inclement Weather Affects Travel Time

  • Transport through mountainous regions can cause significant delays, especially when the Department of Transportation mandates tire-chain requirements during snowy conditions.
  • Drivers can usually only run about 20-30 miles per hour when the chain rule is in effect, and those caught operating without chains can be hit with steep fines.
  • Depending on how bad conditions are, an additional two to three days may be required for transport.
  • Time spent sitting in traffic is also counted towards hours of service and drivers must adhere to rules governing consecutive driving hours and appropriate rest periods.
  • Clear your load/unload area of snow and ice to allow for safe handling of vehicles.
  • If possible, extend your delivery hours or allow for weekend delivery times.
  • Communicate with our dispatchers to make them aware of any changes in hours of delivery and/or load/unload areas at your location.

Maximize Your Loads

By maximizing loads, you can reduce transportation costs and avoid the risk of winter storms delaying your overall inventory replenishment.

  • Passenger cars average eight to nine per load, depending on the size of the sedan.
  • For midsize vehicles such as minivans, the average load factor is seven.
  • For mixed loads of eight, the makeup can consist of:
    • four midsize vehicles and four cars, or
    • five SUVs and three cars
  • If you call for a quote on a full truckload and then exceed the number of vehicles that can fit on that truck, the single car or cars left over will have a much higher cost of transportation on a per-unit basis.

Combined Purchasing Efforts

  • When possible, combine purchasing efforts in an area to save time and money. A driver would rather have a few stops in one day than have to drive empty miles between stops over a number of days.
  • With the increasing amount of auto operations, look for opportunities to partner with other nearby companies to share the load and reduce your transit time.

MetroGistics’ dispatchers work closely with customers to apprise them of all options and do their best to provide accurate ETAs and help ensure safe delivery. We do this by:

  • Promoting safe driving practices and strict adherence to all DOT regulations. We will not tolerate cutting corners or utilize drivers who break the rules.
  • Staying up to date on weather conditions across the country and advising our customers of possible transit delays.
  • Staying in constant contact with our carriers and providing nightly shipment status updates to our customers.

If you have any questions, call us at 877-571-6235, live chat via our home page, or email

Monster Mash Fundraiser Nets Nearly $15.5K

October 13th, 2015


Sure, we love our work, but we also love having fun and raising money for worthwhile charities.

On October 3, MetroGistics hosted the 4th Annual Monster Mash Halloween costume party fundraiser at the historic Soulard Preservation Hall in Saint Louis. More than 100 revelers enjoyed food, drink, music, prizes and a few surprises. All attendees also received special Monster Mash t-shirts to commemorate the occasion.

The event raised nearly $15,500 for two outstanding charities: the Humane Society of St. Clair County, Michigan, and Helping Strays, the Humane Society of Monroe County, Illinois. Each organization will receive about $7,700 each.

Major sponsors for the event were Backup Parachute Software, McCarthy, Leonard & Kaemmerer and Twist Integrated Marketing, thus allowing 100 percent of proceeds from ticket sales to go directly to the charities.

“This annual fundraiser has outgrown our office, so we had to move it offsite,” said Managing Partner William Billiter. “We appreciate all of the sponsors and participants who supported this event, and we’re already looking to see how we can top ourselves next year.”

The Humane Society of Monroe County, Illinois, and The Humane Society of St. Clair County, Michigan, are nonprofit organizations that take in rescues and owner surrenders. The animals are updated on all vaccinations, tested for heartworms, and spayed/neutered, making them available and ready for their forever homes. If you would like to join us in supporting either nonprofit organization, please click on the links above to be taken directly to their websites.

guests candy costume contest

Out and About at Industry Tradeshows

September 16th, 2015

To keep up to date on industry happenings and broaden our network of partners, clients and vendors, MetroGistics staff make it a point to attend several national and international tradeshows every year. Here’s a preview of some of the upcoming events we will be attending in September.

National Auto Auction Association Annual Meeting

Sept. 22-24

Bonnet Creek, Florida (near Orlando)

The NAAA provides a unified voice for the auto auction industry, protects and promotes the interests of its members, and leads with the highest ethical standards.

This popular event practically sells out every year. Director of Business Development Dustin Ruch and Executive Vice President, Business Development Dave Larson will be in Booth #106 to share the latest news and offerings from MetroGistics.

According to Dave, “The National Auto Auction Association represents 335 auto auctions globally, and the NAAA conference is a virtual who’s who of the entire used-car industry.”

Automotive Logistics Global Conference

Sept. 22-24

Detroit, Michigan

This is a key conference for automotive logistics professionals, providing the opportunity to share with peers and benefit from networking with key contacts in the industry. This conference will be attended by every Original Equipment Manufacturer and their service providers.

A major theme of this year’s conference is Big Data and how industry leaders can share information with each other to find solutions and optimize processes that will benefit all.

Dave is scheduled to attend both of these conferences, which will be challenging due to the fact they take place at the same time in different cities on the opposite coast from the one on which he lives.

“I guess my own logistics skills will be challenged,” says Dave with a laugh. “With meetings preset at both conferences, let the countryside traversing begin.”

To contact Dave to set up a meeting at either conference, or to connect with him even if you are not attending either one, email him at

Metro Giving Back Program Benefits Various Charities

August 18th, 2015

MetroGistics’ founders and employees have been committed to community involvement since our founding in 2010. As part of our Metro Giving Back Program, we let one of our employees pick the charity of his or her choice for us to donate to every month. Since the inception of the program, we’ve donated over $115,000 to various worthwhile organizations.

Here’s a recap of our donations so far in 2015:

Ronald McDonald House

January 2015 – Alycia Lamartina chose the Ronald McDonald House for her Giving Back charity. Alycia said, “This charity provides comfortable living arrangements for families that are coping with the heartache of a seriously ill child. These homes help families find strength and allow them to share their stories with others that are experiencing similar situations. This program also eliminates the financial burden of housing accommodations while being close to their child. This becomes the family’s home away from home.”

Animal Protective Association of Missouri

February 2015 – Bryan Dierkes chose APA of Missouri, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond. Bryan told us, “Both of my dogs are rescue dogs and I believe every dog should get a second chance at a good home.”

Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

March 2015 – Heather Jett chose The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri as her Giving Back charity. Heather said, “Ever since I was a kid, I was always finding stray animals or they would find me! I felt that it was my calling to help them and would sneak them in the warm house and take care of them. Shelters rely on our donations to help all of the abused, neglected and homeless pets, and I know this donation will not save every animal but it will sure make a difference.”

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

April 2015 – Alisha Bray chose Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Alisha said, “I was at a charity event last weekend and they had given a child who was going through Chemo an iPad and it really pulled at my heartstrings. The little girl was so happy to be getting an iPad, even though I’m sure she wasn’t feeling good, had already lost all of her hair, and yet still had a glowing smile. I think that any opportunity to help fund an organization that is striving for better treatment and understanding behind what causes different kinds of cancers will be steps in the right direction.”

Ava Elizabeth Williams Family Benefit Fund

May 2015 – Adam Laura chose the Ava Elizabeth Williams Family Benefit Fund as his Giving Back charity. Adam said, “My neighbors’ brother’s daughter is three and she has some pretty serious cancer… unbelievably gut-wrenching story and a super strong girl. This is going to go on for a couple more years until, fingers crossed, she gets healthy! The parents have already racked up a half a million in medical expenses so far so I want to do whatever I can to help.”

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

June 2015 – Michael Walker chose St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Michael said, “I love everything they stand for. I have met doctors who work there, for much less than they can elsewhere, and they are truly dedicated to eliminating any suffering a child has to endure from one of the many forms of cancer, no matter their financial or cultural background. On a personal note, my favorite aunt passed away at the age of 21 of Leukemia. I have always felt that with the medical advances that were available just a decade later, she would still be with us. So the least I can do is try to honor her at every turn.” 

Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor

July 2015 – Jamie McCoy chose the Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor. She said this is the only animal shelter located in Clinton, Missouri, and is also a no-kill shelter. Jamie said, “I have always liked animals and would adopt them all if I could. Seeing my community and amazing volunteers who spend their own time and money caring for these animals is truly amazing! The mission of C.A.R.E. is to prevent abuse, promote adoption, and educate the public in the proper and ethical care and treatment of companion animals.” 

St. Louis Area Food Bank

​August 2015 – Paul Luu chose the St. Louis Area Food Bank. About his choice, Paul said, “No one should ever be hungry – ever! However, every day people are starving, and I feel like if I can contribute, I am making a difference out there to benefit someone who really needs it. I have volunteered in the past and it was awesome – you really don’t realize how good you have it until you are here. It is eye-opening.”

MetroGistics Team Members Reveal Unique Talents and Pasts

August 3rd, 2015

MetroGistics prides itself on our extraordinary staff who deliver quality work and expertise each day. We are excited to acknowledge three valued employees this quarter: Paul Luu, Nicole Kelemen and Michael Walker.

Paul Luu, a dispatch coordinator of five months, is responsible for carrier and customer relationships, dispatching, and customer service. What he enjoys most about his profession is building relationships with carriers, customers and terminals.

Luu is secretly a fluent Cantonese speaker. In his free time, he likes to play and watch sports, catch a good movie, go bowling or to dinner outings, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Back in high school, you could catch him working in night security for Dodge Mansion on Oakland University’s campus.

Nicole Kelemen, order entry and dispatch administrator, has been with MetroGistics for six months and is pleased with the great atmosphere. Her role involves entering and importing orders, updating order information, and presenting status updates.

Kelemen, a running enthusiast, has the hidden talent of being able to recite the alphabet backwards. If that is not surprising enough, she also received her Associate’s Degree in massage therapy.

Michael Walker has worked in sales at MetroGistics for almost four months. He is in charge of obtaining new clients as well as nurturing and developing existing valued client relationships.

Walker, a sports and music fan, was an event DJ for a couple of years. You might also be surprised to know that he served in the United States Navy. If you’re interested in hearing the song that best describes Walker, check out “Got You Where I Want You” by The Flys.

Each staff member at MetroGistics is an important part of the company’s overall success. We are pleased to recognize these and other outstanding employees each quarter.



Summertime Tips for Truck Drivers

July 23rd, 2015

MetroGistics enjoys relationship with hundreds of drivers across the country. This time of year, the summer heat can impact both drivers and their vehicles. To help ensure personal and vehicle safety during these hot summer months, Senior Dispatch Coordinator Jesse Chilton offers the following tips.

Hydration and Body Temperature

  • Drivers should carry plenty of water and/or sports drinks to rehydrate
  • Have cold/wet towels on hand
  • Sit in the cab of the truck to cool down
  • Take their time while loading and unloading to prevent heat exhaustion and blackout
  • Wear light-colored clothing to stay cool
  • Always wear a reflective vest

Pre-Load and Unload Inspections

  • Drivers tend to rush pre-load inspections when it is unbearably hot outside
  • Rushing will only increase the risk of damage, injury and heat exhaustion
  • Do your best to stay cool and hydrated, and don’t rush the inspection process

Preventive Maintenance

  • Summer months are typically when original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) slow down due to summer plant shutdowns. This is a good time to do preventive maintenance on equipment – hydraulic lines, tires, straps, ramps, etc. – before the volume picks up again.
  • Whether you own your own truck or drive a company hauler, summer is a good time for preventive maintenance.

Traffic and Weather

  • SiriusXM provides nationwide alerts from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on all of its channels and information specific to 20 major metropolitan markets on its Traffic and Weather channels (SiriusXM 132-140)
  • Park under a bridge when possible during a hailstorm to prevent damage to loaded vehicles
  • Avoid flooded roadways to prevent water damage to vehicles
  • Keep an eye out for low-hanging tree branches, especially in rain-saturated areas
  • If you know the receiving dealership is in an area that has been recently hit with heavy rains/floods, call ahead to make sure it is still receiving deliveries
  • Here is a popular iTunes app used by drivers for traffic alerts:
  • Be aware of wildfires and seek alternate routes for areas affected by heavy smoke

Following these guidelines will help ensure you and your truck stay safe this summer.

For more information on MetroGistics, call 877-571-6235, live chat via our home page, or email

Tips for Saving Transportation Costs and Time

June 12th, 2015

When planning transport of your vehicle or vehicles, a little planning can go a long way in saving you time and money. Our transportation specialists at MetroGistics are a great resource for the little tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your automotive-transport experience.

Below are just a few of their suggestions that can help you in saving transportation costs and transit time.

Dealer-to-Dealer Trades

When planning a trade with another dealership, keep in mind their hours of operation. Some dealerships are not open on Sundays, and some don’t accept weekend deliveries even though they are open for business. You could lose up to two days when dealerships don’t have weekend pickup or drop-off times. Knowing that in advance can help you plan for optimal timing.

Auction Pick Ups

When requesting vehicles be picked up at an auction, make sure your transport provider has the vehicle Gate Pass/Gate Release. Auction companies will not release vehicles to a carrier without that documentation. Valuable time is lost when a driver has to wait for hours to get the Gate Pass. As many of them have other vehicles to pick up or deliver, they may not wait. Some transport providers will not dispatch a driver until they have a Gate Pass to issue.

Auction Sales

Sale prices of pre-owned cars can change rather quickly. A little planning can help ensure that vehicles arrive at the auction in time for the sale. Capacity constraints also exist in the pre-owned car market, and rushing cars to an auction at the last minute can increase transport costs and the risk of not making the sale, causing vehicles to sit at the auction until the next sale. MetroGistics’ dispatchers generally have a good overall view of road construction, traffic flow, weather conditions and other factors that can impact delivery times, and will provide you with their recommendations on the best ways to ensure timely delivery.

Combined Purchasing Efforts

When possible, combine purchasing efforts for a group of dealerships in an area to save time and money. A driver would rather have a few stops in one day in a metropolitan area than have to drive empty miles between auctions and dealerships over a number of days. Truckload rates are better than single-unit rates. Look for opportunities to partner with other nearby dealerships to share the load.

For more information on MetroGistics, call 877-571-6235, live chat via our home page, or email

MetroGistics at the Finished Vehicle Logistics North America Conference

May 15th, 2015

For the past several years, members of our staff have attended the Finished Vehicle Logistics North American Conference. This year, we’re looking forward to gathering at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, California, from June 2-4 to network, learn about trends in automotive logistics, and also share our knowledge.

This conference is hosted by Automotive Logistics, an international magazine founded in 1998 that provides news, industry intelligence and connections in print, in person and online to help logistics professionals across the globe do their job better. In addition to the North America conference, they host events in Germany, Russia and China, among other places.

According to materials provided by the event organizers, “The conference brings together over 350 senior executives from OEMs and service providers, and is the principal North American forum for determining the processes and practices of moving cars.”

The conference speakers include an impressive list of experts and executives from such organizations as the U.S. Department of Transportation, General Motors, BMW of North America, Toyota Logistics Services, Mercedes-Benz USA, CTM Worldwide, Cars Delivery Network, Enterprise Holdings, Nationwide, Glovis America, American Trucking Association and MetroGistics.

That’s right. Our very own Scott Naz, co-founder and managing partner, will be participating in a panel discussion on June 3 entitled, “Rightsizing for The New Normal.” Moderated by Automotive Logistics Editor Christopher Ludwig, a group of distinguished panelists will discuss how in this environment of strong sales growth, rightsizing capacity presents various challenges and requires rethinking how to manage networks to gain optimal efficiency.

Scott will draw from his extensive vehicle-transport experience and share his insights on trends, technology and operational efficiency.

Along with Scott, other attendees in our group will include:

William Billiter, Managing Partner

Dallas Knepp, Chief Operating Officer, Precision Motor Transport Group

Jason Caporrino, Operating Executive, Corinthian Capital

Martha Garcia-Perry, Director, Account Management

Adam Laura, Director, Strategic Accounts

If you will be at the conference, stop by the MetroGistics booth for a look at some exciting developments we’ve got in the works. See you in California!

Click here Metrogistics_FVL Ad to see our print ad for the conference.

For more information on MetroGistics, call 877-571-6235, live chat via our home page, or email


Retaining Carriers in a Challenging Environment

April 20th, 2015

In the vehicle-transport business, a provider is only as good as its people, resources and network. As such, we appreciate the hard work and long hours that truck drivers put in every day to deliver their loads on time.

According to the American Trucking Association, turnover is still above 90 percent and rising. Updated statistics as of April 2015 indicate that driver shortage could be as high as 40,000, with a 95-percent turnover rate for small truckload carriers and a 96-percent rate for large truckload carriers.

Facing such daunting statistics, MetroGistics continues to work hard to show appreciation for and retain our carrier base.  Here are just a few of the ways we do that:

  • We have a dedicated Carrier Team that assists with the on-boarding process and day-to-day administration such as reminding carriers of upcoming insurance expiration dates. By helping them with this, we help the drivers stay compliant with insurance requirements while protecting our customers should any claims arise.
  • MetroGistics has a dedicated email address ( for carrier inquiries that goes directly to our Carrier Team.
  • We have a dedicated Dispatch Team available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Standard Time to dispatch loads and help carriers with any load issues.
  • We provide technology that allows carriers to report load statuses in multiple ways depending on their preferences and schedules.
  • We developed new technology such as our RoadSign app that allows carriers to perform various functions seamlessly from a smartphone. This will eliminate the need for them to stop and print or fax in paperwork.
  • MetroGistics offers periodic contests and incentives to help drive the use of technology tools and carrier-load procedures.
  • We conduct annual carrier surveys to learn more about what is and isn’t working as far as drivers are concerned.
  • Based on direct feedback from carriers, our professional and courteous dispatching staff now spends more time engaged in personal interactions with them rather than just treating calls like business transactions.

These are just some of the ways we hope to not only retain, but further grow our carrier base in order to provide the best vehicle transport experiences possible for both our carriers and customers.

For more information on MetroGistics, call 877-571-6235, live chat via our home page, or email

Our Employees Have Diverse Interests but Embody Teamwork

April 15th, 2015

MetroGistics is proud to have a team of engaged and intelligent individuals on staff. We are honored to recognize three employees this quarter: Heather Jett, Doug Eaves and Julia Engert.

Heather Jett, transportation analyst, is responsible for handling insurance and getting carriers set up to work with MetroGistics. She has been with the Metro team for about eight months and loves the teamwork and exciting work environment.

Jett, a talented BBQ chef and water skier, enjoys spending time with her husband, taking her dog to the park, and completing projects around the house. She has worked in some unique jobs prior to joining our team, including a position as dog groomer.

Doug Eaves, a one-year veteran of MetroGistics, is a dispatch coordinator and feels that the people he works with are like family. He is in charge of dispatching vehicles, handling phone calls, and entering orders.

Eaves is a big kid at heart and spends his free time playing video games with his two sons. He is also an impressive juggler, drummer and skateboarder. According the Eaves, the song that best describes him is the “Star Wars Main Theme” by John Williams, and if he could be anyone for a day, he would be the legendary Tony Hawk.

Julia Engert, dispatcher, is responsible for overseeing the south central region, and has been with MetroGistics for almost a year.

Engert, a “former tomboy,” loves the endless opportunity of growth at our company. During her off hours, she enjoys bringing her son and dog to the park. If given the chance to spend a day in another person’s shoes, she would choose to be Jennifer Aniston.

All of our MetroGistics employees embody what we value most about our company. The teamwork and dedication that each one brings to the table is a critical component of our success.