Where has the 1Q gone???

I’m proud to say that there is a good reason I haven’t blogged in a few months, holy crap have we been busy..Today being Good Friday and lots of customers on vacation brought to light the fact that, wait a second I haven’t blogged in months. I have my desk cleaned up from the past two months of craziness, my computer homepage cleaned up of shortcuts all over the place, and I’m taking a well deserved catch up breath..

It’s been a great Q1, were making progress on all fronts including inroads with OEM’s, securing relationships with large dealer groups, and the rental guys and girls are very happy with our service!

Our technology is ever improving, processes in the office are becoming more streamlined, our staff is sharp in systems, and were getting the jobs done on time pretty much every time. Were working hard and having fun doing it. I feel very confident that were positioned well for continued growth and with a little cash in the bank so I can sleep a little easier at night!

I’m excited for the rest of the year, excited to see the staff grow, excited to roll out some new office locations and excited to be excited..If that makes sense.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter and hopefully I can remember to post some blogs once in a while on progress, (but not to much as I would get concerned at that point:)

A few things to look for in the 2Q.

SaferShip (SaferShip.com) technology to track carrier insurance, ratings with the DOT and operating authority authenticity all in real-time. (Were super stoked about this new technology we created)

The growth of our texting solutions for carriers to send us updates, were seeing week over week growth with this solution!

And added functionality to our website so carriers can automatically take orders, get payment details and update paperwork all online!

Again, stay tuned for random posts on developments:)


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