2011 Starting Off In Spurts

So far this year it has seemed like a roller coaster ride, some days are jamming while others are somewhat slow. We had a nice new customer come on board this week and were seeing an uptick with the number of cars moving but I think fuel rising has taken a bite out of our carriers making it a little tougher to move cars. Fuel plays such an important role to everyone in the car business, especially to us in transportation. As fuel rises so do prices to move a car, something always a little tricky to sell to customers..

Also seems that the rental car companies continue to hold their cars which creates a void in available cars to ship and inflates used car prices since used cars are not as plentiful, and when a dealer pays more for a car guess what he doesn’t want to pay more for..transportaiton..

All and all things are progressing in the right direction but we would like to see a little more consistency. Nature of the beast with a small startup I guess.

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