Building a business one brick at a time!

It’s been an interesting ride the last 6 months to say the least; I have a much greater appreciation for all those entrepreneurs out there! The one thing about starting a business is that you really don’t mind working; at least this is what I have found. Stress has always been a part of my professional career but the stress of starting a business would be similar to having a baby, always stressed to the max, but a stress you love.

My partner and I had the opportunity to give out holiday bonuses after 6 months, which was a very gratifying moment for us. Our mission states “To remain focused on constructive community involvement, environmental friendly decision making practices, and the health and well being of our staff, our customers and our vendors” Staying true to our word, we are constantly working for the better of our internal staff along with all those that make our business successful. I feel the true mark of a successful business if one that provides a stable work environment for staff, provides opportunities for vendors, helping throughout the community when called upon, all while remaining profitable. After 6 months I can honestly say that I am damn proud of where our staff has taken us, the hard work of everyone here including my partner Bill, who comes to work every day ready to take on the world!
It’s been an exciting leap of faith that has proven well worth the risk, and after reading book after book about starting my own business I’m happy, stressed, excited, sleep deprived at times, constantly having weird dreams about competitors coming after me, but when I’m in the zone at the office talking with customers and associates I’m very excited to be part of an amazing team!

Everyone reading this please enjoy your holidays and if you ever want to chat about starting up a business from someone that is right in the thick of doing it, call me anytime at 314.571.6231.

Take care,
Scott Naz

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