Choosing the Right Carrier

In just over two-and-a-half years of operation, MetroGistics has helped ship more than 180,000 vehicles across the country.

We’re very proud of our success but understand that our customers have options. They could choose to go with a local or regional transport company. Perhaps they think they’re saving money or time by going that route.

That’s not always the case, however. On pricing, many times our vast network allows us to be very competitive in terms of generating quotes for shipments. Local doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper.

Here are three more reasons why it’s important to go with a national carrier like MetroGistics when selecting a vehicle transport provider.

• We have the ability to handle any move within the lower 48 states. We’ve shipped vehicles to and from places as far away as Florida and Washington. Local carriers don’t necessarily have the means to service the entire contiguous 48 states. When we first launched MetroGistics, our average move was 400 miles. Today we’re seeing averages of up to 600 miles per move. That shows we’ve definitely been able to expand our customers’ reach. They can purchase vehicles from greater distances to add to their inventory.

• We can find the right size hauler to handle any order. Local carriers are limited by the number and type of transport vehicles they own. We tap into a nationwide network with far greater variety in size and types of haulers. We’ve even helped ship large boom trucks, ambulances and shuttle busses.

• MetroGistics can handle all your needs, regardless if you’re transporting one or 100 vehicles. Most local carriers have limited capacity.

Of course there are other things that differentiate us from our competitors – like our technology, customer service, and great staff – and we’ll address those in future blog posts. Until then, MetroGistics wishes you great success in 2013!

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