Considerations for Cross-Country Shipping

As the economy has been slowly improving, we’ve been getting a few more requests to coordinate cross-country vehicle shipments. More people are taking jobs on the opposite coast and need to ship their personal vehicles. More fleet procurers are finding good deals at auctions outside their usual purchasing region.

When shipping cross-country, factors like distance and weather definitely impact delivery dates. Alisha Bray, MetroGistics’ West Coast/Midwest dispatch coordinator, offers the following considerations to keep in mind when shipping cross-country.


  • Normal transit times for cross-country moves (coast to coast) are usually 7-10 days from pickup during normal conditions.
  • The average transit for north-south shipments is usually 5-7 days once haulers are loaded.
  • Longer distances also increase the possibility of delays due to mechanical failure or more pickups and drop offs along the route.
  • Any delay or cancellation can affect turnaround time of the load as drivers take time to deal with customers and help resolve issues.
  • Other than that, just following normal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for driving hours and conducting mandatory restarts will affect transit times.


  • Travel times can be affected greatly by inclement weather that occurs throughout the year. Winter is definitely the hardest time for haulers since they have to account for highway closures and dangerous driving conditions.
  • Transport through mountainous regions can cause significant delays, especially when the DOT mandates tire-chain requirements during snowy conditions.
  • Drivers can usually only run about 20-30 miles per hour when the chain rule is in effect. Drivers caught operating without chains when the rule is in place can be hit with steep fines.
  • Depending on how bad conditions are, an additional 2-3 days may be required for transport.

MetroGistics dispatchers work closely with customers to apprise them of all options and do their best to provide accurate ETAs and help ensure safe delivery. We do this by:

  • Promoting safe driving practices and strict adherence to all DOT regulations. We will not tolerate cutting corners or utilize drivers who break the rules.
  • Staying up to date on weather conditions across the country and advising our customers of possible transit delays.
  • Staying in constant contact with our carriers and providing nightly shipment status updates to our customers.

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