The Importance of the MetroGistics Nightly Status Reports

Nightly status reports is a feature that we have come up with here at MetroGistics in order to maintain great customer relationships by keeping our customers informed as to where their vehicle/vehicles are in the in transportation process. We have developed a process that ensures every order we have getting transported is called on for status from the carrier, detailed notes are entered in the system so all MetroGistics employees can be on the same page, and finally at the end of the day a nightly report is generated and sent out to the customers that have requested this feature.
Nightly status reports are very important not only to the customer but also to MetroGistics. On every nightly report, all vehicles for a customer are listed, the status of those vehicles (Dispatched, In Route, Delivered). Along with the status, shows the estimated pickup and delivery dates that the carrier has given us and the days consigned. Anything over three days old will highlight in red. This is done so that MetroGistics can see there may be a problem with this vehicle if it is over three days old, someone needs to look into it to make sure that everything is still running smoothly.
By sending out nightly reports, the customer is given some comfort knowing that they are on the same page as us here at MetroGistics and they can be better prepared when their vehicles do arrive. Setting up a customer to receive nightly reports is very easy and we are happy to do it for any customer! Here at MetroGistics we are always willing to do anything we can to help out our customers so if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them.


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