Insurance Provides Extra Peace of Mind

Here’s a scenario perhaps many of you can relate to. You hire a local company to move your possessions to a new home or office and later find out some of your belongings are broken. The moving company told you they are insured, but you find out they aren’t. What can you do?

Now imagine a similar situation involving shipping vehicles across the country. The broker says they and their carriers are insured, but then the cargo arrives dinged up and all you get are excuses, not compensation.

Any broker can say they have coverage, but verifying it through naming them as additionally insured provides verification that they indeed have coverage. Let’s face it, many companies are trying to cut costs, and most brokers don’t provide contingency cargo insurance as it’s a large expense.

In this day and age, we’re also seeing carriers send in certificates claiming to have $250K in cargo insurance but then calling their agent afterward to lower the amount drastically.

At MetroGistics, not only do we require that every carrier have sufficient A-rated cargo coverage for each load, we offer $500K of contingency cargo insurance on every order we process. As an extra safeguard, our in-house Safer Ship program checks carriers’ insurance daily. If there’s ever an issue with their insurance, our policy kicks in.

Melissa Trautman leads our Carrier Compliance team, which verifies and monitors new and existing carriers. The Safer Ship program confirms and verifies that the carrier has active authority, has at least $1 million in liability insurance, and has appropriate cargo insurance. Our system checks nightly with the FMCSA (DOT) site, and we are notified immediately if there are any failures or changes. If so, that carrier is turned off and not allowed to haul for us until we verify that the issues have been resolved.

All of this is designed to ensure that our customers’ shipments are covered even in the event they or we receive a falsified document or the carrier’s insurance is cancelled or expired. Now that’s peace of mind.

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