Jennifer, Keith and Eric Are Part of Our Smart, Interesting Team


We would like to once again recognize the talented people who make up the MetroGistics team. This quarter, we are getting to know Jennifer Stockhausen, Keith Goff and Eric Gillespey.

Jennifer Stockhausen, sales representative, has been with MetroGistics for over a year. Her typical day involves assisting in the transportation of vehicles, maintaining and growing her database of clients and prospects, and ensuring that day-to-day transports are properly updated and delivered on time. Jennifer loves her job because she is responsible for checking on the efficiency of vehicle deliveries and providing customers with quality customer service.

Jennifer’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, swimming, and garage sale and thrift store shopping. Another cool thing she enjoys is checking out the insides of abandoned houses before they are torn down. One interesting and random fact about Jennifer is she once worked in a brick refractory. And, guess what else? She has a really good shot with a bow and a rifle – impressive! Lastly, Jennifer always goes by her favorite life motto: “The rewards will be great!”

Jennifer describes MetroGistics as creative, involved and dedicated.

Keith Goff joined MetroGistics five months ago, and is a web developer on the IT team, where they build technology-based solutions to create efficiency and streamline processes. He enjoys his job because technology is always changing and evolving, and as a result, he gets the opportunity to learn every day.

Did you know that Keith is a twin? Outside of work, he spends time with his kids or plays poker and other card games. His biggest pet peeve is when people give up without even trying.

Keith describes MetroGistics as generous, expanding and fun.

Eric Gillespey has been with MetroGistics for over a year. He is a dispatch coordinator for the western region, pricing and paying transport orders. He puts similar transport requests together, finds drivers to move the vehicles at the most reasonable rates, and fixes issues that arise when drivers, buyers and pick-up locations fail to do their job correctly. What Eric enjoys most about working at MetroGistics is that he is never bored – there is always something to do.

Eric loves traveling to the Northwest, especially the area just outside Seattle. At home, he enjoys time with his kids, and claims that every weekend is a fun adventure – even when they don’t leave the house. What makes Eric cringe when thinking of his past is his high school emo/Goth phase (perhaps many people went through this). He has a few personal mantras he abides by, one being “Life is a long game of chess, not a quick game of checkers.”

Eric describes MetroGistics as young, smart and motivated.

The success of MetroGistics is a result of the efforts of our bright, hard-working and dedicated staff. Thanks for being a part of our great team!

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