Get to Know Our Metro Auto Express Staff Members

For this Employee Spotlight, we’d like to highlight some members of the Metro Auto Express team, our owned-and-operated transport division. Meet Robert Hoery, Timothy Nunez and Jim Durant.

Robert Hoery, team driver, has been with Metro Auto Express for a little over a year. His role involves transporting client vehicles from one facility to another. What he enjoys most about his job is the company’s stress-free environment.

You may not know that Hoery is a published historian of Colorado history. He likes to promote and perform country music in his spare time, and, get this – he was once a bodyguard for Bob Dylan. He can also impersonate Waylon Jennings, both in his singing on stage and on CDs. Jennings also performs Hoery’s favorite song, “Never Could Tow the Mark.”  If Hoery could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, they would be Merle Haggard’s.

Timothy Nunez (AKA Tim) is another team driver. His responsibilities include ensuring a safe, efficient and professional pickup and delivery of customer vehicles. Nunez has been working with Metro Auto Express for just over a year. He enjoys interacting with and helping others, but his favorite part about his job is the driving.

Nunez loves to spend time with his family, especially outdoors while camping and fishing. An unusual previous job of his was working in California, where he collected and counted money for a company. He possesses a hidden talent of troubleshooting, and if he could, he would be Nikola Tesla for a day.

Jim Durant, transportation manager, has been with Metro Auto Express for over a year. On a daily basis, Durant directs operations and the movement of EchoPark Denver metro area vehicle transports. What he enjoys most about his job is providing excellent service to EchoPark while meeting the daily challenges it presents, along with working with the great employees on his team.

In his spare time, Durant enjoys going to the movies with his family as well as drawing to relieve daily stress. He has many hidden talents, including playing the piano, drawing, and shooting a basketball proficiently with either hand. This must be why Durant would choose to be Larry Bird for a day, playing in game seven of the finals against the Lakers.

Each staff member is a very important part of our team, and we wish to thank the Metro Auto Express employees for all they do.


L – R Jim Durant, Tim Nunez, Robert Hoery

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