Metro Giving Back Program Benefits Various Charities

MetroGistics’ founders and employees have been committed to community involvement since our founding in 2010. As part of our Metro Giving Back Program, we let one of our employees pick the charity of his or her choice for us to donate to every month. Since the inception of the program, we’ve donated over $115,000 to various worthwhile organizations.

Here’s a recap of our donations so far in 2015:

Ronald McDonald House

January 2015 – Alycia Lamartina chose the Ronald McDonald House for her Giving Back charity. Alycia said, “This charity provides comfortable living arrangements for families that are coping with the heartache of a seriously ill child. These homes help families find strength and allow them to share their stories with others that are experiencing similar situations. This program also eliminates the financial burden of housing accommodations while being close to their child. This becomes the family’s home away from home.”

Animal Protective Association of Missouri

February 2015 – Bryan Dierkes chose APA of Missouri, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond. Bryan told us, “Both of my dogs are rescue dogs and I believe every dog should get a second chance at a good home.”

Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

March 2015 – Heather Jett chose The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri as her Giving Back charity. Heather said, “Ever since I was a kid, I was always finding stray animals or they would find me! I felt that it was my calling to help them and would sneak them in the warm house and take care of them. Shelters rely on our donations to help all of the abused, neglected and homeless pets, and I know this donation will not save every animal but it will sure make a difference.”

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

April 2015 – Alisha Bray chose Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Alisha said, “I was at a charity event last weekend and they had given a child who was going through Chemo an iPad and it really pulled at my heartstrings. The little girl was so happy to be getting an iPad, even though I’m sure she wasn’t feeling good, had already lost all of her hair, and yet still had a glowing smile. I think that any opportunity to help fund an organization that is striving for better treatment and understanding behind what causes different kinds of cancers will be steps in the right direction.”

Ava Elizabeth Williams Family Benefit Fund

May 2015 – Adam Laura chose the Ava Elizabeth Williams Family Benefit Fund as his Giving Back charity. Adam said, “My neighbors’ brother’s daughter is three and she has some pretty serious cancer… unbelievably gut-wrenching story and a super strong girl. This is going to go on for a couple more years until, fingers crossed, she gets healthy! The parents have already racked up a half a million in medical expenses so far so I want to do whatever I can to help.”

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

June 2015 – Michael Walker chose St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Michael said, “I love everything they stand for. I have met doctors who work there, for much less than they can elsewhere, and they are truly dedicated to eliminating any suffering a child has to endure from one of the many forms of cancer, no matter their financial or cultural background. On a personal note, my favorite aunt passed away at the age of 21 of Leukemia. I have always felt that with the medical advances that were available just a decade later, she would still be with us. So the least I can do is try to honor her at every turn.” 

Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor

July 2015 – Jamie McCoy chose the Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor. She said this is the only animal shelter located in Clinton, Missouri, and is also a no-kill shelter. Jamie said, “I have always liked animals and would adopt them all if I could. Seeing my community and amazing volunteers who spend their own time and money caring for these animals is truly amazing! The mission of C.A.R.E. is to prevent abuse, promote adoption, and educate the public in the proper and ethical care and treatment of companion animals.” 

St. Louis Area Food Bank

​August 2015 – Paul Luu chose the St. Louis Area Food Bank. About his choice, Paul said, “No one should ever be hungry – ever! However, every day people are starving, and I feel like if I can contribute, I am making a difference out there to benefit someone who really needs it. I have volunteered in the past and it was awesome – you really don’t realize how good you have it until you are here. It is eye-opening.”

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