MetroGistics Team Members Reveal Unique Talents and Pasts

MetroGistics prides itself on our extraordinary staff who deliver quality work and expertise each day. We are excited to acknowledge three valued employees this quarter: Paul Luu, Nicole Kelemen and Michael Walker.

Paul Luu, a dispatch coordinator of five months, is responsible for carrier and customer relationships, dispatching, and customer service. What he enjoys most about his profession is building relationships with carriers, customers and terminals.

Luu is secretly a fluent Cantonese speaker. In his free time, he likes to play and watch sports, catch a good movie, go bowling or to dinner outings, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Back in high school, you could catch him working in night security for Dodge Mansion on Oakland University’s campus.

Nicole Kelemen, order entry and dispatch administrator, has been with MetroGistics for six months and is pleased with the great atmosphere. Her role involves entering and importing orders, updating order information, and presenting status updates.

Kelemen, a running enthusiast, has the hidden talent of being able to recite the alphabet backwards. If that is not surprising enough, she also received her Associate’s Degree in massage therapy.

Michael Walker has worked in sales at MetroGistics for almost four months. He is in charge of obtaining new clients as well as nurturing and developing existing valued client relationships.

Walker, a sports and music fan, was an event DJ for a couple of years. You might also be surprised to know that he served in the United States Navy. If you’re interested in hearing the song that best describes Walker, check out “Got You Where I Want You” by The Flys.

Each staff member at MetroGistics is an important part of the company’s overall success. We are pleased to recognize these and other outstanding employees each quarter.



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