Got to shine on this one!

Today I got a call from a guy that had a father just pass away, he needed one car moved from VA to IA then two cars moved from IA to FL. He needs the one delivered then the other two picked up right after. So I’m working with a few trucks on this one but it’s a situation that will always make me work a little harder and make those extra calls to my drivers to make sure this goes off without a hitch. The customer was clear that he didn’t want nor did he need a failure right now, totally understandable given the situation.

I guess we all have special needs and this guy may only move these three cars once in his life but when the time comes we can’t let him down. I’m right in the middle of the move, so I will report back next Wed (the day the second leg picks up) on how we did!

So sorry to hear about your dad AJ, thanks for giving me the chance to make these shipments for you!

Take care,

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