Our Employees Have Diverse Interests but Embody Teamwork

MetroGistics is proud to have a team of engaged and intelligent individuals on staff. We are honored to recognize three employees this quarter: Heather Jett, Doug Eaves and Julia Engert.

Heather Jett, transportation analyst, is responsible for handling insurance and getting carriers set up to work with MetroGistics. She has been with the Metro team for about eight months and loves the teamwork and exciting work environment.

Jett, a talented BBQ chef and water skier, enjoys spending time with her husband, taking her dog to the park, and completing projects around the house. She has worked in some unique jobs prior to joining our team, including a position as dog groomer.

Doug Eaves, a one-year veteran of MetroGistics, is a dispatch coordinator and feels that the people he works with are like family. He is in charge of dispatching vehicles, handling phone calls, and entering orders.

Eaves is a big kid at heart and spends his free time playing video games with his two sons. He is also an impressive juggler, drummer and skateboarder. According the Eaves, the song that best describes him is the “Star Wars Main Theme” by John Williams, and if he could be anyone for a day, he would be the legendary Tony Hawk.

Julia Engert, dispatcher, is responsible for overseeing the south central region, and has been with MetroGistics for almost a year.

Engert, a “former tomboy,” loves the endless opportunity of growth at our company. During her off hours, she enjoys bringing her son and dog to the park. If given the chance to spend a day in another person’s shoes, she would choose to be Jennifer Aniston.

All of our MetroGistics employees embody what we value most about our company. The teamwork and dedication that each one brings to the table is a critical component of our success.


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