Our Team of Shining Stars

At MetroGistics, we believe that one of the keys to success is a dedicated and passionate staff. In order to join the Metro team, one must not only show a commitment to service, but also a friendly and positive personality. This month, we’re proud to spotlight three more members of our hardworking team.

Andy Strasser has been with us for two years as an account manager and dispatcher for our Sonic Southeast region. When he’s not at the office, Andy finds joy in simple things like a round of golf, listening to music and watching movies or sports.  To him, coming in to work each day is more than a responsibility, it’s something he truly looks forward to. Not only does Andy enjoy the company of his fellow team members, he also finds fulfillment in the exciting challenges that each new day brings.

Andy strives to pay meticulous attention to detail and commit 110 percent to his duties. “I really can’t relax at the end of the day unless I know I’ve done my job to the fullest,” he says.

Andy says that the secret to exceptional team cohesion is “having individuals with a strong work ethic who stick together and step up when needed.” If nothing else, a successful team “enjoys what they do.”

Another one of our great team members, Martha Garcia-Perry, has been with us for nearly one year and serves as our director of account management.

Martha is known for her loyalty, her incredible knack for understanding client needs, and her impressive ability to deliver high-quality service. “Two essential ingredients to success within a team are engagement and effort,” says Martha, “a team whose members are actively engaged in mind and spirit can deliver limitless effort to achieve the desired results.”

Martha’s drive to succeed and team-first attitude is apparent both in and out of the office. When she isn’t at work, Martha enjoys spending time outdoors with her family as well as running in races. Over the next ten years, Martha hopes to run in the Detroit International Marathon and help MetroGistics become one of the top companies in the industry by raising the standard in service excellence and delivering robust technologies to customers.

Last but certainly not least is Sharon Mitchell, who has been with MetroGistics as a vendor compliance specialist for nearly four years. Sharon’s friendly smile and dedication to her work are just a few of the many outstanding qualities that make her a special part of the Metro team.

During her time off, Sharon enjoys riding her horses as well as giving riding lessons. Her talent for patience, careful guidance and elegant performance are not only apparent in her hobbies, but also in the excellent work she contributes to MetroGistics.

Sharon combines a genuine belief in the power of team collaboration, hard work and just a dash of humor when approaching each day’s tasks. She jokes that “the smell of coffee” is what gets her out of bed in the morning. It’s that same quick wit and sincerity that allows Sharon to be a natural leader within the Metro family and a truly valuable addition to the group.

With the help of these great team members, we are confident that no matter what the future holds, it will be bright for MetroGistics!

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