Technology Drives Efficiency and Productivity

Who would have thought ten years ago that you could get transport quotes or track your shipments on your mobile phone?

Technology has significantly changed the vehicle transport industry over the past decade, and MetroGistics has always been at the forefront of these advances. In fact, we introduced the industry’s first iPhone app nearly three years ago.

We believe the fusion of insight, talent and technologies make companies run better, and have backed that up by hiring the right people and investing in the right systems.

That investment helps our customers manage transport easier and faster, freeing them up to focus on internal operations and sales. Our technology can improve their efficiency and drive better business decisions at every level and every step along the supply chain.

One way we do that is by helping dealers, new car manufacturers and rental car companies know instantly where their transported vehicles are at every moment. Our track-and-trace processes give our clients instant, seamless access to this data. Nightly status reports are also available.

Our technology also facilitates information via text. By texting “QUOTE” to 35819, users can obtain vehicle-shipping quotes by responding to a series of text prompts. After the information is collected, an official quote is sent to the user’s mobile phone. MetroGistics customers can also text “STATUS” to 35819 and receive an instant status report via text.

The way we see it, the power of technology is not in apps, platforms, operating systems or individual devices. The power – and the real benefit – lies in getting more work done faster and more efficiently. Our tools and information are readily accessible, so clients don’t have to make a bunch of phone calls and wait for return calls. This allows them to do their jobs more efficiently, and allows us to verify performance and make the most of the data we collect.

If you currently work with MetroGistics, you know how responsive we are via traditional email and phone. However, our cutting-edge technology helps you benefit from our reporting features and extended shipment visibility, pricing and order placement anytime, anywhere. You can get shipment status and delivery information through real-time tracking on our website whenever you want.

This gives your business a distinct advantage, and can improve your “speed to market.” That term gets thrown around quite a bit, but it’s important that your transport provider not use the term loosely, and has the means and technology to support this claim.

Next month, we’ll provide more details about our unique iPhone app. In the meantime, to learn more about how MetroGistics employs technology, visit

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