Training Elevates Knowledge and Service

In our marketing materials, we often describe MetroGistics as a “full-service vehicle transportation company.” While much of the external emphasis is on the transportation aspect of that description, our internal emphasis is on service.

In order to provide excellent service to our customers, MetroGistics is committed to the continuous development of our greatest asset: our people. It starts with hiring the right individuals. All of our teams are comprised of talented professionals, each of whom brings unique skills, perspectives, and work and life experiences.

Our training begins from day one with a custom five-day program developed to familiarize the new employee with company policies, procedures and departmental processes. And that’s just the beginning.

Each employee has the opportunity to participate in on-demand online courses that focus on customer service skills, technical skills, and management/leadership skills. Employees can also participate in offsite seminars in addition to online classes.

MetroGistics’ training goes beyond the classroom. Employees participate in cross-functional training that facilitates immediate coverage when the need arises. No task is too small or too big for a colleague to step in and assist with.

We encourage the sharing of industry articles focused on customer service, industry trends, government regulations and work-life balance. The combination of work experience and new knowledge allows our employees to better advise and serve our customers as well as assisting and communicating with our network of drivers and suppliers.

Our staff members attend, and occasionally present at, automotive and logistics conferences across the country.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. We encourage the development of new ideas and process improvements to help us continue to refine our service offerings and customers’ vehicle shipping experiences. We pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge technology, and are always looking for ways to leverage tech to improve service.

Likewise, if you have a suggestion or idea on how we can better serve you, please let us know.

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