Transporting Your Vehicle from a Dispatchers Perspective

The keys to ensure your vehicles will be transported safely and timely.

The job description of a dispatcher for a vehicle transportation company may be described as very black and white, these are the duties. However, the truth is that being a dispatcher is not so simple. Vehicle transporting companies go to great lengths to ensure that vehicles will be transported safely and in a timely manner. The job of the dispatcher is to ensure that the vehicles are getting from the origin to destination with no hiccups along the way.

To do the job effectively and efficiently many things have to be done to keep customers happy. Dispatchers have to stay on top of the game by making daily status updates on the vehicles. They will usually call the driver and find out where they are in their route. This is done so that they can track the vehicle and give a good arrival estimate to the customer. Status updates are also a good way to discover problems that may occur during the transportation process. By catching them early, the problems can usually be resolved and get the vehicle back on track to get it delivered for the customer on time.

Another way dispatchers try to ensure a smooth vehicle delivery is by sending out nightly reports to the customers. This way the customer can actually see where their vehicle is at to give them peace of mind. Another problem catcher, nightly reports highlight vehicles that have aged more than three days so that the dispatchers can look into those specific situations and find out what the holdup is.

Communication, attention to detail, and persistence are all key things that go into a dispatcher’s job so that the customers stay more than satisfied with the company’s services. The dispatcher is the customer’s lifeline to stay informed on the whereabouts of their vehicle. They do all that they can to ensure that every vehicle is picked up, transported, and delivered safely with no damages along the way and within a time frame that works best with the customers schedule.

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